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A new video showcasing Dundee in the 2000s has given folk some much needed nostalgia

Updated: May 23

Dundee's waterfront in 2004. (Picture: Dundee City Archives)

A new video showing Dundee life in the 2000s has been released - and it is giving folks some nostalgia.

All over Dundee released the video on YouTube which shows some of the city's most well known landmarks, from the Dundee Law to the Tay Road Bridge, Cox's Stack to the Olympia Leisure Centre.

The Wellgate Centre, the Dundee Science Centre also prominently feature in the video too which is set to the music of Petula Clark's famous song Downtown.

The video is already providing that much needed nostalgic boost to users on social media.

One said: "Did not expect that to make me nostalgic haha. Moved here in early 00s and that took me right back." whilst a second person wrote: "Almost exactly the Dundee I remember from the early 2000s."

Headline picture by Dundee City Archives (


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