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A new 5G data hub that will help North Sea communications has been tested in Dundee

A new floating 5G data hub was tested at Dundee Port as part of a project to improve offshore communications.

Abertay University worked with JET Connectivity, the Scottish Government, the Scottish 5G Centre, Dundee City Council, Tay 5G, DTLX, and the Edinburgh Drone Company on this project.

The floating 5G hub was used in a drone demonstration, showing how it can make offshore work safer and more efficient. With this technology, skilled workers can operate drones and perform tasks like inspections and maintenance remotely, without needing to be on-site.

This project builds on a previous drone trial in Angus, where the same 5G technology was used to help in mountain rescue operations by creating a 5G-enabled search area.

The successful test at Dundee Port suggests that this floating 5G technology could greatly improve communication and safety in offshore industries, particularly in the North Sea. The collaboration between universities, government, and private companies highlights the importance of teamwork in advancing new technologies.


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