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10 reasons why Dundee should be excited for Eden Project

Eden Project is coming! After given the green light, the £130 million attraction is already generating excitement.

For Dundee, this new addition boasts a huge opportunity for the city to be propelled back on to the world's stage yet again! It is expected to open in 2030, so there is so much to come!

Here are ten reasons why Dundee should be excited about Eden Project!

It is expected to generate £27 million for Dundee's economy every year.

Eden Project is expected to generate £27 million annually for Dundee's economy. This will significantly boost the local economy, supporting various sectors and contributing to the overall growth and development of Dundee.

It will generate hundreds of jobs for the local area.

With Eden Project expecting to generate 200-300 jobs for the city. This will generate the positive impact on employment rates in Dundee, providing numerous job opportunities for residents and potentially reducing unemployment rates in the region.

It could pave the way for an annual music festival in Dundee: Eden Sessions.

Introducing a music festival like Eden Sessions could enhance Dundee's cultural scene, attract music enthusiasts, and boost tourism, further benefiting the local economy. Eden Sessions is already hosted in Cornwall, with acts like Bryan Adams, Tom Grennan, Rick Astley, JLS and Fatboy Slim performing. With the city reeling from the success of Big Weekend in 2023, Dundonians have cried out for a new music festival for the city, now with Eden Project coming, it is one step closer to reality!

It will once again put Dundee on the international map.

The presence of the Eden Project will very likely propel Dundee into international limelight once again in similar fashion to the V&A Dundee. It will serve as a beacon of inspiration, drawing in tourists, researchers, and entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe who are eager to witness firsthand the cutting-edge advancements in sustainable living and biodiversity conservation.

It will be a boost for local businesses.

The increased footfall and economic activity resulting from the Eden Project will provide local businesses with more customers and opportunities for growth and expansion. Attractions like the HMS Unicorn, V&A Dundee and Discovery Point could see a big influx in visitors as a result of Eden Project's presence.

It will entice businesses to host their events in Dundee.

With the establishment of the Eden Project, Dundee may become a more attractive destination for businesses looking to host conferences, meetings, and other events, boosting the city's event hosting sector.

It will offer incredible educational opportunities.

The educational programs and initiatives associated with the Eden Project can provide valuable learning experiences for residents, students, and visitors, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

It will revitalise City Quay.

The presence of the Eden Project could lead to a revitalisation of City Quay. It could result in the area attracting more visitors, residents, and businesses, and potentially transforming it into a vibrant hub within Dundee. With the HMS Unicorn hoping to open up a new visitor centre at the quay by 2030, it provides an opportunity for the HMS Unicorn to seriously benefit.

It opens the door to national and international collaborations.

The Eden Project's presence can facilitate partnerships and collaborations with organisations, institutions, and experts from across the nation and the globe, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange. The city is already forming close links with the Eden Project in Cornwall, and it is a taste of what could happen.

It will cement Dundee's status as a leading city for environmentalism and climate change.

By hosting the Eden Project, Dundee can solidify its reputation as a city committed to environmental sustainability and combating climate change, setting an example for other cities to follow. The city is already regarded as the electric vehicle capital of Europe, our universities are considered some of the best in tackling climate change and Dundee is already Scotland's greenest city, and this will only cement that position.


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