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Dundee researchers have become the first in Scotland to treat Parkinson’s tremors

The School of Medicine at the University of Dundee has achieved a milestone by successfully conducting the country's inaugural ultrasound thalamotomy. This innovative, non-invasive technique allows individuals with the disease to effectively control their movements.

This non-invasive procedure allows people with Parkinson’s disease to better control their movements.

After the recent operation, Ian Keir from Carnoustie no longer experiences tremors. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2018, the 63-year-old found that the disease had been impacting his daily life. Following the procedure, his tremors reduced significantly, and he is thrilled to regain his independence.

Describing the results as miraculous, the retired firefighter mentioned, “It feels like a miracle,” said the retired firefighter.

“My tremor has completely gone - it’s as though I never had it. I’m now able to do exactly what I could before. I can pour a jug of water, my handwriting is back, and I’m now able to do things without thinking about them beforehand.

“My wife has been so strong for me these past few years, helping do things I was unable to do, but now I’m able to cut my own food, pour a glass of water. Anything at all.

“I was obviously nervous beforehand, but afterwards the improvement was almost immediate.

“While I’m aware this isn’t a cure for Parkinson’s, it is a cure for some of my symptoms. I’m so grateful and just want to make the most of every day.”

The Dundee team conducted 60 thalamotomies on Essential Tremor patients, including the first Parkinson's disease treatment in Scotland, using the advanced Insightec Exablate system.

The University, known for Parkinson's research, utilized this technology in clinical trials supported by donations.

This milestone represents Scotland's first treatment in an international trial, as ultrasound thalamotomy is not yet an NHS option for Parkinson's patients.

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