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5 Best Places In Dundee To See Cherry Blossoms

Spring is starting to show in Dundee, and one of this season's most spectacular gifts is the ever so impressive appearance of cherry blossom trees.

Dundee has numerous locations where you can see the cherry blossoms in all their glory. Here are the five of the best places in Dundee to see cherry blossoms.

5. Camperdown Park

Dundee's largest park boasts trees of all shapes and sizes, but one stands out among the rest, the purple oak tree which is located at number 19 on the Camperdown Park Tree Trail.

The purple oak tree leaves fall and naturally turn green over the course of the spring months, and it is absolutely beautiful.

4. Balgay Park and Cemetery

Balgay Park and it's adjacent cemetery are a beautiful place to capture some cherry blossoms.

The park and cemetery are both located on the foot of Balgay Hill which has cherry blossoms all around throughout the season. The Balgay Bridge is a sight where you can often see cherry blossoms as well.

3. Magdalen Green

Dundee's oldest park offers some beautiful cherry blossom trees which are situated to the west of the park. They are prone to be lighter than other cherry blossom trees scattered throughout the city.

2. The Howff

The Howff, Dundee's central cemetery is a beautiful landmark in the heart of the city. The peace and tranquillity of this place makes it a go to spot for those having a stroll in town.

With the ever impressive McManus Galleries in shot, you might just get an amazing snap of cherry blossom trees with the beloved museum.

1. Dawson Park

Arguably the best place to watch cherry blossoms bloom is at the ever so stunning Dawson Park, located next to Arbroath Road as you head towards Broughty Ferry.

Dawson Park's cherry blossoms usually start to bloom in April - and it is possibly the most popular spot for photographers when taking pictures of the city.


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