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The Best Sunsets in Dundee

Updated: Apr 12

Dundee may be Scotland's sunniest city, but it is also considered to be Scotland's sunset city due to its absolutely breathtaking sunsets.

Dundee boasts absolutely stunning sunsets, but where are the best places to watch them? Here are five of the best places in Dundee to catch a sunset!

Magdalen Green

Magdalen Green, Dundee's oldest park, is an ideal location to watch a sunset, you are close to the city centre and with a lot of greenery surrounding you, it offers a great spot to get some bonnie photos!

Take a picture of the sunset by the bandstand, along with the gorgeous trees, and admire the beauty of your surroundings such as the Tay Rail Bridge and the bonnie buildings surrounding the park.

Great landmarks to have in a photo with the sunset: Magdalen Green Bandstand, Tay Rail Bridge

Barns of Claverhouse

We go north to the city now at the Barns of Claverhouse. This area, located on the outskirts of Dundee, boasts absolutely stunning views of sunsets. It is on the edge of the countryside and has great viewing points to watch them.

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Barns of Claverhouse is by the beautiful Black Watch Memorial which is on the border between Dundee and Angus. It's views are breathtaking and it is an area photographers and sunset lovers will love if they want to watch the sun setting in Dundee.

Great landmarks to have in a photo with the sunset: Caird Park, the Black Watch Memorial

Broughty Ferry Harbour

The Broughty Ferry Harbour is a beautiful place if you want to capture the sunset over the Tay from a beautiful angle.

What makes Broughty Ferry Harbour a great place to watch a sunset is because of the view it has of the Dundee skyline from an Eastern perspective. To make this even greater, you can also include the beautiful sculpture which commemorates our local lifeboat service.

Great landmarks to have in a photo with the sunset: Broughty Castle, Lifeboat Sculpture

Dundee Law

The Dundee Law, of course, offers a stunning 360 degree view of the city, and you can capture beautiful sunsets at the west end of the city.

With the Law being the highest viewpoint in the city, it is easily one of the greatest places to catch a sunset.

Great landmarks to have in a photo with the sunset: War Memorial, and the West End

Dundee Waterfront

The best place to capture the sunset is at the Dundee Waterfront, with the Green Circular at Discovery Point being the ideal point if you are wanting to include the Tay at its best in shot.

You have the best views of the Tay and the two bridges from the entrance next to Discovery Point and past the Alexandria Fountain.

You can also capture the V&A Dundee and Tay Whale with the sunset if you head more to the east, and you can capture the sunset with the V&A Dundee and RRS Discovery in shot too from the passage between the two landmarks.

Great landmarks to have in a photo with the sunset: Alexandria Fountain, the Tay Rail Bridge, the Tay Road Bridge, V&A Dundee, Discovery Point, RRS Discovery, Tay Whale


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