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10 signs you were an Olympia kid growing up

This year marks 50 years since the first Olympia at the waterfront opened to the public, and it was one of the most beloved places for so many Dundonians!

Built in the 1970s and demolished in the early 2010s, it still means a lot in the memories of so many Dundonians!

Here are ten signs you were an Olympia kid!

Coloured wristbands

You got a coloured wristband by the receptionist which marked your time slot during your visit to the pool.

Keeping an eye on the timer

You kept an eye on the coloured timer on the wall which matched your wristband which signified the amount of time you had left in the pool - and hoping that the day would never end!

What slide was the best?

You argued with your pals about what slide was the best, and agreed to challenge them to a race on the different sides to see who came out on top!

Jumping off the diving board!

You kept jumping off the diving board and then climbing out to get back on the even higher diving board!

Rapid river repeat

You kept going in and out of the rapid river throughout your time at the Olympia and debated whether you should go back in once you left!

King of the castle

You climbed up to the mini-pool above the rapid river and looked down upon the others in the rapid rivers like a king of the castle!

Watching swimming lessons

You watched a family member practise their swimming in the training pool at the eastern part of the building next to the divers!

Half an hour waves

You braced yourself for the huge waves that happened every 30 minutes and tried to keep yourself above water!

Extending your stay

You tried to stay in the pool that little bit longer when your allocated time was up, and your parents waited impatiently on you coming out!

A treat at the end

You bought sweets and a drink out of the vending machine as you were about to leave after having a fun-filled day!

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I used to check every locker looking for 20ps fowk had left by accident to use the hairdryers, I always found one 😆


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