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10 Cool Facts About Dundee You May Not Know

Dundee has a lot of cool hidden facts that some may know about, but some may not know. Today, Dundee Culture looks at 10 Cool Facts About Dundee You May Not Know.

Morgan Academy was once a hospital

Morgan Academy, one of the oldest schools in Dundee, opened its doors 135 years ago in 1889. However, it was already established as the Morgan Hospital. The school was opened to ease relief of Dundee's school population as enrolment numbers in the two existing schools, the High School of Dundee, and Harris Academy, increased dramatically.

The Old Steeple and Wellgate Clock's bells were cast by the foundry that cast Big Ben

The Old Steeple and Wellgate Clock are two of the most popular clocks in Dundee, but a cool fact to know is that the bells for both of them were cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London, who also cast Big Ben in London, and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

The pillar on the Tay Road Bridge roundabout is actually a memorial

The Tay Road Bridge roundabout and the Dundee Waterfront have pillars that were erected. Both bear resemble to the pillars of the bridge itself, and is in actual fact a memorial for the workers who sadly died during the construction of the bridge in the 1960s.

Mills Observatory was meant to be built on the Dundee Law

Mills Observatory, situated on Balgay Hill, was meant to be built on the Dundee Law. Due to several setbacks in the planning for the observatory, and as a result of the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, the plan to have it built on the Law was scrapped in favour of the war memorial which sits atop of the Law to this very day.

The RRS Discovery made pioneering achievements in Antarctica

The RRS Discovery, built in Dundee in 1901, was actually the first to conduct climate change research. It was also the first scientific research ship in Antarctica. The data used as part of the original expeditions is still being used as benchmark data by climate change scientists to this day.

James Bowman Lindsay demonstrated pioneering inventions in Dundee

James Bowman Lindsey, the Dundee-based inventor, demonstrated the use of an electric light and the world's first wireless radio broadcast in Dundee back in the 1800s.

Dundee was once Scotland's third-largest city

Dundee is currently the fourth-largest city in Scotland, but did you know it used to be the third-largest before Aberdeen surpassed the city? It was in the 1800s when the city went from a population of 60,553 in 1841 to 158,066 in 1891 — overtaking Aberdeen as the third largest settlement in Scotland.

There was another Discovery ship that was built in Dundee

There was another ship called Discovery that was built in Dundee back in 1874, 27 years before the launch of the RRS Discovery. Originally built as a whaling vessel named "Bloodhound" by Stephens & Sons, it was later converted into an exploration ship and renamed HMS Discovery. The ship was wrecked in Newfoundland in 1917.

The markings of the Royal Arch are still visible

When you visit Slessor Gardens, the markings of the old Royal Arch are still visible on the ground of where it once stood. The Royal Arch was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the Tay Road Bridge, with some of the

The Beano is the best-selling comic magazine outwith Japan

The Beano, which was published for the first time in 1938, is now the best-selling comic magazine outwith Japan, having amassed over 2 billion sales in its 85 year history. The only comic magazines which have more sales are all based in Japan.


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