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Uber has secured a license to operate in Dundee

Uber has officially been granted a license to operate in Dundee, in what has been decribed as a major shift for the city's taxi industry.

The decision came after Dundee councillors approved the global ride-hailing company's application to establish an office in the Flour Mill complex on Commercial Street.

This move is expected to bring substantial changes to Dundee's transportation landscape.

Uber's presence will introduce increased competition, potentially leading to lower fares and more options for residents and visitors alike.

The entry of such a prominent player into the local market signifies a broader trend of digital disruption in traditional industries.

Supporters of the decision highlight the benefits of modern, app-based convenience and the potential for job creation.

However, the introduction of Uber has also raised concerns among existing taxi operators, who fear that the increased competition could impact their livelihoods.

As Uber begins its operations, all eyes will be on how the company's innovative model integrates with Dundee's existing transportation framework.

This development is poised to reshape the way people move around the city, setting a new standard for urban mobility in Dundee.

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