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Heavenly Desserts are opening up a new spot in Dundee on 13 July

Heavenly Desserts will be expanding its reach to the vibrant city of Dundee, marking a significant milestone in their growth journey. The much-anticipated opening of their new outlet on Reform Street is scheduled for 13 July, as reported by the Courier.

Known for their delectable desserts and sweet treats, Heavenly Desserts has already established a strong presence in key cities across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, and Aberdeen.

With Dundee joining the line up, dessert enthusiasts in the area can look forward to indulging in a wide array of mouth-watering options.

The choice of location for the new outlet is strategic, as it will be situated in the former unit on Reform Street, previously occupied by Mazja and Project Pizza.

This prime spot is sure to attract both loyal customers of Heavenly Desserts and new visitors eager to experience their heavenly creations in a cosy and inviting setting.

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