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Dundee's port has seen a huge boost in revenue as a result of its renewable energy projects

The Port of Dundee has seen a significant increase in revenue thanks to its transformation into a key hub for renewable energy projects.

One such project, the Neart na Goithe offshore wind project, has played a major role in this boost.

The Courier reports that revenue at Dundee port increased by 29% to £17.9 million, mainly due to the development of a marshalling hub for the Neart na Goithe project.

Forth Ports group's overall revenue for the year 2023 was £321 million, a growth of over 11% compared to 2022.

However, pre-tax profits for Forth Ports decreased by 5.8% in 2023, amounting to £134.6 million.

The Port of Dundee plays a crucial role in assembling 90m turbines for the NnG project, which are then transported to the project site off the Fife coast. Additionally, Forth Ports operates multiple ports in the UK and is a key partner in the Forth Green Freeport initiative.

Aside from its renewable energy projects, the Port of Dundee also offers towage operations and heavy lift logistics services, further solidifying its position as a vital player in the region's economic development.

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