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Dundee Hawk Laura Muir WINS the 1,500m at the Bauhausgalan Diamond League

Laura Muir has just delivered an outstanding performance at the prestigious Bauhausgalan Diamond League event held in Sweden, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination in the Women's 1,500m race.

Representing Great Britain, Laura Muir crossed the finish line in a remarkable time of 3:57.99, securing a well-deserved victory in a highly competitive field of athletes.

Her incredible speed, endurance, and strategic race tactics were on full display as she outpaced her opponents and claimed the top spot on the podium.

It was a thrilling and intense race, with Edinah Jebitok putting up a fierce challenge and finishing closely behind Laura Muir with a time of 3:58.88.

This is the third time Laura Muir has won this race.


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