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Dundee has been named as one of the most 'underrated corners' of the UK

Dundee at night. (Picture: Shahbaz Majeed)

Dundee has been named as one of the UK's most underrated places, being only one of two Scottish places to be ranked on the list.

Our bonnie city features in a list by The Telegraph which featured places across the country including The Malverns in Worcestershire and Herefordshire as well as Exmouth in the South West of England.

Introducing the ranking, the newspaper said:

"Despite our tendency to neglect them, fleeting weekend breaks within the UK can be among our greatest trips away.

"They are often an afterthought, and not planned as far in advance, but can be just as pleasurable as the large, overseas holiday. And it’s rather delightful that, away from the more bustling, popular spots, there are still lesser-known gems to be found.

Queensferry, a town in Fife which looks on the breathtaking Forth Rail Bridge, was named alongside Dundee.

Speaking about Dundee, the Telegraph writes:

Art lovers already know that the UK has hidden pockets of creativity, like the Tate at St Ives or the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. It’s Dundee, however, that boasts an outpost of the V&A, which has exhibitions on the history of the kimono and urban photography. If visitors don’t get their fill, there’s also the Victorian McManus Galleries, or the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, both of which are situated right in the heart of the city. For history, follow the winding Maritime Trail to the preserved HMS Unicorn, or explore textile-mill-turned-museum Verdant Works. Perhaps most remarkable, though, is the ease at which one can get to a genuinely wild landscape. A short drive will take you to Tentsmuir Forest, a wander through which will deliver you to a secluded stretch of beach. The majestic Angus Glens are similarly accessible, which, if you tire of the urban creatives, provide a marvellous escape.


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