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A new fish and chips restaurant is opening up at Dundee's waterfront

A new dining establishment specialising in fish and chips is about to make its debut at Dundee Waterfront, adding a tantalizing culinary option to the vibrant food scene in the area.

The venue, soon to be unveiled as Fish Chips & Co, is all set to occupy the space previously held by the Koyla Indian restaurant on Dock Street, bringing a fresh and exciting concept to the local dining landscape.

The anticipation for this new venture is palpable, with posters adorning the building's windows, signaling the imminent arrival of this fish and chips haven.

As reported by The Courier, the restaurant is gearing up for its grand opening by actively recruiting new staff members to ensure top-notch service and a memorable dining experience for patrons.

The restaurant will also include a buffet service in addition to its regular dine-in and takeout choices, appealing to a wide variety of tastes and dining preferences.

Job vacancies at the upcoming Dundee Waterfront fish and chips eatery have been shared on Facebook.

While an exact opening date remains undisclosed, the promotional posters hint at an impending launch, building anticipation and curiosity among food enthusiasts and locals alike.

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