The McManus looking beautiful! A cultural icon in Dundee! ​(Picture: Craig Doogan / Bonnie Dundee)

Dundee Culture is a social media brand which showcases Dundee to the world by showcasing the latest news, features and 

Kickstarting in 2013 to support Dundee's UK City of Culture bid, Dundee Culture was set up by then 12-year old Andrew Batchelor who had a love for home city. Dundee Culture helped promote and raised awareness of the UK City of Culture bid for Dundee and although Dundee had lost the bid to Hull, that was the end of the dream - but the beginning for Dundee Culture.

Dundee Culture has went on to promote all things cultural in the city ranging from exciting news to our amazing athletes at sports events from the Olympic Games to the Commonwealth Games. Dundee Culture has done it all!

​The impact of Dundee Culture has been amazing. Since 2013, Dundee Culture has been visited by over 8 million people from 57 countries worldwide with a majority of people who follow on Twitter being from other parts of the world rather than Dundee.

Dundee Culture has helped raise the awareness of the city as well and in a positive light. 

Dundee Culture showcases Dundee to the world by promoting cultural news, stories, features and events from Scotland's most cultural city!

The founder and admin of Dundee Culture is Andrew Batchelor – named by Digital Leaders as one of the top ten youngest digital leaders in the United Kingdom and named by the Courier as a ‘teen prodigy’.

Andrew set up a Facebook page called Dundee Culture in 2013 to help support Dundee’s UK City of Culture bid when he was just only 13 which originally started out as a ‘passion project’. Now, Dundee Culture has over 13,000 likes and followers combined on all social media platforms from 57 countries around the world, over 8 million visitors worldwide and is now expanding out into a full-time business venture for Andrew.

Andrew was born with hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy with doctors telling his parents that he would never be able to walk or talk but defied all odds. He has battled through autism, anxiety, epilepsy, dyslexia and dyscalculia but that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he loves – showcasing Dundee to the world.

Andrew has had many achievements and accolades from his work with Dundee Culture, he became the youngest person in Dundee to hold the Queen’s Baton ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow at just age 13, he won the first Young Award at the 2015 Evening Telegraph Community Spirit Awards, named in Young Scot’s 4 Young People Who’ve Ruled the Tech World and was named in Digital Leader’s Top 10 Young Digital Leaders in the United Kingdom.

“My inspiration for creating Dundee Culture in the first place was from my auntie who sadly passed away – she had a real love and bond for Dundee and that passed on me as she took us over the city – from the Discovery to the Dundee Law, that shown me what a beautiful place Dundee was!”

“Dundee is going through exciting changes at the moment with the V&A and the continuous waterfront development which will irreversibly redefine the city for the future!”

“To any young person who wants to achieve their ambition – whether they are disabled like myself or not, they need to know that nothing is impossible, and anything can happen in the future, but remember to be patient and you will achieve what you want to achieve.”

Craig Doogan / Bonnie Dundee

Dundee is one city with many discoveries - the city has been ever known by the three J's - jute, jam and journalism. Now in the 21st century, Dundee is changing! A city going through exciting times as the V&A has finally opened to the public!

Once the home to the likes of the jute mill industry and Keiller's marmalade, Dundee has invented itself for the future. From having an ever growing video games industry to becoming a leader in life sciences research and also have an international breakthrough in cultural redevelopment, Dundee is a very unique city that has a positive impact on the rest of Scotland.

It is a city renowned for it's education - having two incredible universities that are among the best in not just Scotland, nor the United Kingdom - but even the world with the University of Dundee being named in the top 200 universities in the world!

Enjoy entertainment and the arts at some award winning venues and locations scattered across the city - from the Caird Hall, the Dundee Rep and Whitehall Theatre to Slessor Gardens which now hosts music concerts for national and international artists.

​Also enjoy the food and drink that is on offer in Dundee, amazing restaurants, cafes and bars which we have!

Dundee also leads in the media, as a city that has been featured in several national and international news outlets as a city worth visiting. Lonely Planet, the Wall Street Journal, CNN Travel, the New York Times and many more have recognised Dundee as a top place to visit in the world!

So come and discover Dundee and see what all the talk is about! We look forward to welcoming you to the city that we call home!