The Dundee Law
Craig Doogan / Bonnie Dundee

Dundee Culture is a hub to all things cultural in Dundee! We post and share new content every day based on the latest cultural news and events from across the city ranging from concerts to theatre productions, from festivals to public events, Dundee Culture does it all! We post the accolades and achievements from folk from across the city and let the people of Dundee, Scotland and the rest of the world know about them! Dundee Culture also runs a sister site called CultureSpot which focuses on content created by Dundee Culture which has been proven popular!

Dundee Culture has reached a total of 7 million visitors in the last three years which has been calculated from our daily page intake. Dundee Culture is liked and followed by over 10,400 people on Facebook, over 5,500 on Twitter and over 1,400 on Instagram with a combined total of over 16,000 people in total liking and following our social media pages! A majority of people who like and follow Dundee Culture are individuals from the city, emigrants who are originally from Dundee as well as businesses and organisations from across Dundee, Scotland and the United Kingdom.

What makes Dundee Culture unique is the fact it promotes cultural news and events that are going on in Dundee and that it gives the community a voice where they can send in pictures, event information and news which showcase the best of Dundee.   

Dundee Culture posts and shares new content every day and is a great chat room for the city - so make sure you follow us on social media to find out more about what amazing things are happening in this great city of ours!

Andrew Batchelor created Dundee Culture and has run it since age 13 ​(Picture: Donna-Hovell Lovell)

The McManus looking beautiful! A cultural icon in Dundee! ​(Picture: Craig Doogan / Bonnie Dundee)

Dundee Culture showcases Dundee to the world by promoting cultural news, stories, features and events from Scotland's most cultural city!