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Hello! My name is Andrew Batchelor, Dundee's youngest ambassador and the creator of Dundee Culture! Dundee is my home and I am proud to be a Dundonian. I have ran Dundee Culture by myself since I was 12 years of age and have continued to promote my city! Dundee is an amazing place to visit and the future looks bright for this incredible city!

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Welcome to Dundee! Scotland's most cultural city! The city has previously been known as the City of Discovery but is now also a city of design. Dundee was named the first UK UNESCO City of Design and was named as the UK's 'coolest little city' by GQ Magazine and currently bidding for the 2023 European Capital of Culture!

Check out our website where you can find what to do in this amazing city and keep up to date to see what exciting things are happening in Dundee as this great city begins to get even greater!

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Countdown to Christmas with Dundee Culture!


Dundee Culture Social Media Hub

Dundee Culture's Countdown to Christmas will be returning for it's fourth year! Every year, Dundee Culture creates an advent calendar for it's social media accounts to make your December go even quicker and fun! We put different things on our advent calendar including locations and notable figures among many more and put a fact about them that you didn't know about!

The 2017 advent calendar will focus on the theme of history and will launch on December 1 here on our website and our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! So keep your eyes peeled for some interesting facts about the city!

December is not long to go now! 

Welcome to Dundee!

Meet the creator!

Dundee Culture is a hub to all things cultural in Dundee! We post and share new content everyday focusing on the latest cultural news and events from across the city ranging from concerts to theatre productions, from festivals to public events, Dundee Culture does it all! We showcase the accolades and achievements from folk from across the city and let the people of Dundee, Scotland and the rest of the world know about them

Dundee Culture uploads it's own content as well as sharing other content from the likes of the Evening Telegraph, the Courier, STV News and BBC News on cultural news in Dundee! In October 2017, we created a new site called The Report by Dundee Culture which focuses on the content that is created by Dundee Culture which has been proven popular!

What is Dundee Culture?