Dundee has is home to two major shopping centres as well as many well known high street brands! Come and shop in the city!

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Looking for a place to stay whilst you are visiting Dundee for a short break or a long weekend? Then come and look at what hotels are in the city - from budget hotels to prestigious hotels, Dundee has it!


Dundee is a city of sports! We have prestigious golf courses such as Camperdown and Caird Park. Dundee and Dundee United are two of the well known football clubs where you can visit their games!

Dundee is Scotland's most cultural city and it continues to have a higher cultural and creative reputation. There is many things to see and do in Dundee relating to leisure and culture!

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2018 is Dundee's year - a new milestone in the city's history. With the opening of the V&A this September to the WUKF World Championships this June! Dundee is going international!

Welcome to Dundee! Scotland's most cultural city! Over the past decade, Dundee has advanced into a modern vibrant cultural city with lots on offer, with the opening to the V&A Dundee in September to visitor attractions that are some of the best in Scotland.

Dundee is a city that is changing, a city shaping itself for the future. As a place which once used to be home to jute, jam and journalism but times are changing and Dundee is now a global hotspot for creativity and culture in many sectors of art, fashion, music, science and technology.

Dundee has had recently, an international presence, with the city being named as one of the top destinations to visit in Europe by Lonely Planet as well as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN Travel, the Guardian and the Los Angeles Times naming the city as one of the best places to visit in the world!

​So come on in and visit Dundee!

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Dundee has a range of restaurants and cafes, from Broughty Ferry to Riverside, Dundee has many food establishments that are great to visit! Dundee has some of the best places to eat and drink!

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